I Needed to Have Professional Accounting Help

When I decided to go into business for myself, I figured that it would be an easy transition since I was still staying in the same line of work. It was very easy, and quite profitable, but I did run into one roadblock that I was not prepared for. When I was employed by my former boss, my taxes and other withholding amounts were already taken care of for me. With me being my boss, I knew that I needed to find accountants in Bristol that would be able to help me with my taxes and other things so I did not get in trouble with the government.

I had never had to hire an accountant before, but I knew that it was best for me to go this route rather than try to handle all of paperwork on my own. I was not confident in my ability to handle this on my own, and I also wanted to make sure that a reputable company took care of for me. That is why I took my time researching the different accounting firms in the area. Continue reading

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Chill Out In Taba Heights

Fantastic! What a wonderful place to relax. Just put your wallet, keys and phone in the safe and chill out in Magnificent surroundings The hotel in the resort of Taba Heights, Sinai. The hotel is designed the style of a Nubian Village and really sets the mark in Taba.

Egypt Travel 03The views and grounds are spectacular – you can see Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel at over the gulf of Aqua on the Red sea. At night this is particularly stunning as the mountains take on a red hue reminiscent of sunset at Ayres Rock in Australia.

The hotel has its own huge, 500 metre stretch of beach on the Red Sea where you can snorkel straight off the beach amongst the beautiful coral Reef.

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The Smarter Way to Experience the Great Pyramids

From their construction throughout the centuries the Pyramids of Giza have
represented mystery, wonder and awe to all. They are perhaps the only great
architecture of the ancients to have survived more or less completely intact.

The oldest pyramid at Giza is the GreaEgypt Travel 02t Pyramid of Cheops, also known as Khufu,
and is the largest known pyramid in existence. It was built around 2500 BC of over
two million limestone blocks, each almost three tons in weight. An astonishing
achievement and is believed to be the work of around twenty thousand slave

Nearby are the smaller pyramids belonging to Cheops’s son and grandson as well as
the Great Sphinx, known as Abu ‘l-Hol, a half-lion, half-man figure of majestic

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Egypt

Egypt Travel 01Egypt is located in North Africa and is among the top most tourist destinations of the world. No other country comes even closer to Egypt when it comes to the number of magnificent monuments, activities and historical attractions. More than ninety percent of all Egyptian attractions are lined up along the river Nile. Many places can therefore visited by taking a cruise in the Nile river (besides road and air travel). Since it is a popular tourist destination Egypt offers extensive facilities for tourists.

Top 10 attractions of Egypt are:

1. PYRAMIDS: There are more than 80 pyramids in Egypt which were built mostly between 2600 BC and 1500 BC and all are situated close to the Nile river. After the ruler died (or other prominent royal figures like queens), their bodies were wrapped and preserved as a mummy, and placed in the Pyramid. The most popular pyramids are the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx: An estimated 20,000 to 30,000 workers built the Pyramids at Giza over 80 years. Giza also has the largest pyramid also known as “Great Pyramid” which rises an amazing 481 feet.

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Started to Look for a Hosting Service

We were thinking about what we were going to do for quite awhile, but now that we almost have the site online we are not really prepared to pick a hosting service just yet. We are not quite certain what we need. Of course the IT guys claim that they can easily build us a cheap Windows server, which of course they could pretty easily. The problem is that we can not really dedicate the manpower to make sure that we have a reliable hosting solution. Obviously you can not have a server which works less than 99 percent of the time. You can not have any down time at all. It has to rock solid and reliable, every hour and every day, without any exceptions. We could obviously build a server and host our site on it, but we would probably not want to pay for what it would take to make sure it was always on the web, no matter what. Of course that means day and night, holidays, weekends, every single day. Continue reading

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